Monday, September 04, 2006

TIMBER!! Help - we are drowning in paper !! Paper is killing paper !!

A note on The Danish Newspaper "war".

Living at Frederiksberg (CPH) in a 4th. floor flat and apparently announced a hot spot for all those new newspapers too, having those brought directly to our door. I am at one side amased to see how much paper is being brought by someone else to our apartment and I actually love papers, ads, magazines and everything. But on the other side: Hey - we are now receiving so much paper that we are drowning - and those at the other end appears to forget - SOMEONE HAS TO BRING ALL THAT DARN PAPER DOWN TO THE GROUND FLOOR GARBAGE CAN AGAIN :-) With 2-3 morning newspapers, the 2 newcomers and soon one more + the 2 local newspapers + the free Sunday Paper and on top all the advertising, and I have probably even forgotten some.... In one week we get more paper through our letter box than 2 persons can carry down again at week end. The lumberjack shouts TIMBER, when they fell trees in the forest - so do I when I look at my floor below the letter box in the morning. TIMBER !!!!!

I am now installing my own "TIVO letterbox" - called Stickers: Plastering my door over now with stickers saying no thanks to ads, no thanks to free papers. I CAN´T COPE WITH ANY MORE INFORMATION BROUGHT TO ME AS TONS OF PAPER, with more or less same content also. I can´t see the forest for the trees any longer. I am even considering cancelling my regular morning papers..... Afraid that if this doesn´t find a decent level soon - PAPER WILL KILL PAPER! Save the forest :-)

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