Friday, October 14, 2005

We are the worlds "happiest" people!

This is fun - though I find it quite difficult to figure this tool out. The world database of happiness: But never the less - a local paper interviewed the guy doing the analysis. Concluding from the analysis - that the Danes should be the most happy people in the world. With a scale from 1 to 10 - Denmark scored 8 together with Malta and Switzerland.

"Click around. It'll either make you think about happiness in new and revealing depth, or it will make you happy to discover that even if you never study happiness, you can still experience it."

Brain research on the use of celebrities in advertising

This is from "fast take" - quite interesting. But somewhat not surprising or? And the tendency is even increasing.... quote:

"Seven of the ten most-recalled ads of 2003 included celebrities. To use a celebrity spokesperson or not, that is the question -- at least in the insular world of Madison Avenue. This summer, it seemed as if medical science had taken a step closer to finding a definitive answer when researchers at UCLA and CalTech found that simply flashing the letters "H-A-L-L-E-B-E-R-R-Y" triggered a strong cognitive response in a single human brain cell. The letters drew the same reaction as a picture of the Academy Award-winning actress. The trick also worked with Jennifer Aniston and the Sydney Opera House. Although this brain research is preliminary, the implication is that fame -- or at least familiarity -- tops everything when it comes to stimulating recall. In other words, it's possible that celebrities are actually taking up residence in individual neurons. "

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

CPH: The Worlds 6th. most used congres city!

According to a 2004 research by Union of International Association´s our city Copenhagen is the 6th. most used congres city in the world and the 5th. most in Europe - going 2 places up from previous years analysis.

It´s impressing noting who´s below CPH. Ahead is: Paris, Vienna, Brussels, Geneva, Singapore. And below is: Barcelona, London, Berlin, Seoul.

Congratulations Copenhagen! Just being on the top 10 list is impressing. But even reinforcing the position is overly impressing.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Barcelona gets you!

CPH is definetely a great city. Though just coming home from a site inspection in Barcelona. I am so thrilled with this city too. You can sense the creativity and lightness of living - all over the place. Great architecture, great new shops, bars, restaurants, music places etc. etc. Don´t know where to start/end. Just: If you haven´t been there - go there. There is really exciting inspiration for everyone.

Interesting "how far" a city like Barcelona really is in terms of modernism - and how some of the old kept elements like the tapa bars, the markets etc. seems to be so more than right than ever. An exciting city indeed.

I wonder when we will see indoor food markets like this one on the Rambla in Copenhagen? (Grøntorvet is nothing compared!) The time seems so right for it these days. High quality food, specialities, anything you can think of..... Maybe just a matter of time?