Monday, May 12, 2008

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility Fashion Show

This one is worth some reflection is it not? What is your opinion on this matter. I have been working a lot in this field both on the client side with Microsoft - and after on the vendor side and feel that lately things seem to go a bit out of hand - ever since Al Gore made this a big PR stunt (though I deeply respect his cause - do not get me wrong). To me though - really many seems to jump on to this as merely - exactly the latest "business fashion" - to some extend - just as when everyone in the mid 90´s urged to have a .com adress on the web. Without really considering why and how this should be used and related to their businesses? And if this is really something one should scream about or simply just behave ethical as a part of "daily living".

Dive Master - the diving jungle - be careful out there

The diving society - is one of the weirdest and most chaotic I have ever experienced. Since many years I have been absolutely scared to be in the hands of many times very irresponsible people around the globe. So finally I simply had to educate myself. Lately I finally became a divemaster - simply to be able to take care of myself and my family members when ever we go diving.

People diving all over the world - educate yourself - the people in the different systems do not seem to care for your life - but only for your money. So be educated!!!!! I have so many scary experiences due to lack of responsible dive guides.