Friday, July 06, 2007

New Media? Social Media?

There is a tendency these days to go crazy about blogging, youtube, myspace - so called Social Media.... But really - these are ONLY new methods to do what has always been a truth: To communicate well with your "stakeholders". This is exactly how you think when you are working with PR. You can decide to stay in silence and let people talk - or you can take and be part of the discussions. In the later - you do have some kind of influence instead of none. And as always when you talk - you might get valuable feedback. BUT you can´t control the discussion.

The new is though that the discussions is taking place much faster, it´s global and it´s certainly eased by the new types of technologies......... But take a deep breath. It´s just new methods/means to reach your predefined objectives and challenges. Having said this - I believe everyone should explore and figure out what they can do for you - these "new media"....