Monday, September 25, 2006

So much for branding and emotions !

Sorry - keep posting these Tim cartoons. But they seem to constantly entertain me. Here´s some sanity on qualitative analysis !!!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nicolai in Karlsson på Taget!!

I am so proud - my "little" son, Nicolai, has been picked for the lead role in a national touring family theater: "Det Ny Familie Teater" (the new family theater). He is to tour all of Denmark all through to X-mas in the play called "Karlsson På Taget" (Karlsson On The Roof, by Astrid Lindgren). This is an exciting dream come true adventure for him. I wish him the best of luck. He has been working so hard.

Read more at: Det Ny Familie Teater

Culture & Consumption, McCracken

Recently I had the honour and pleasure that Grant McCracken, Chicago-based author and cultural anthropologist send me his latest book Culture & Consumption II. It´s exciting to read McCrackens thorough insights into modern consumer culture. Especially the chapters at the end holds my interest and recommendation for anyone interested in advertising and how culture and advertising are interactively linked to each other in creating meaning for the individuals in our society. How marketing managers are actually meaning creation managers of our society!

Amazon: Link

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

9/11 - prepare to fly - ended as a grotesque marketing theme...

September 11. & 12. - 2001. That is probably the weirdest days as marketing director with Microsoft. "That day" we where intensively planning for a coming launch of Windows XP while we at the same time could see direct CNN transmission from the most cruel terroristic act in our lifetime ever. Actually the following day´s morning - meaning today September 12th. - 5 years ago, my team and I did an information and engagement meeting for all our cooperating partners to participate in the coming high profile big launch event. That morning 5 years ago it appeared totally redicolous. From that ancle: Not only did the whole energy of everything run out and seemed so unimportant as the most grotesque part of it all was that our theme was: "Prepare To Fly"...................

Monday, September 04, 2006

TIMBER!! Help - we are drowning in paper !! Paper is killing paper !!

A note on The Danish Newspaper "war".

Living at Frederiksberg (CPH) in a 4th. floor flat and apparently announced a hot spot for all those new newspapers too, having those brought directly to our door. I am at one side amased to see how much paper is being brought by someone else to our apartment and I actually love papers, ads, magazines and everything. But on the other side: Hey - we are now receiving so much paper that we are drowning - and those at the other end appears to forget - SOMEONE HAS TO BRING ALL THAT DARN PAPER DOWN TO THE GROUND FLOOR GARBAGE CAN AGAIN :-) With 2-3 morning newspapers, the 2 newcomers and soon one more + the 2 local newspapers + the free Sunday Paper and on top all the advertising, and I have probably even forgotten some.... In one week we get more paper through our letter box than 2 persons can carry down again at week end. The lumberjack shouts TIMBER, when they fell trees in the forest - so do I when I look at my floor below the letter box in the morning. TIMBER !!!!!

I am now installing my own "TIVO letterbox" - called Stickers: Plastering my door over now with stickers saying no thanks to ads, no thanks to free papers. I CAN´T COPE WITH ANY MORE INFORMATION BROUGHT TO ME AS TONS OF PAPER, with more or less same content also. I can´t see the forest for the trees any longer. I am even considering cancelling my regular morning papers..... Afraid that if this doesn´t find a decent level soon - PAPER WILL KILL PAPER! Save the forest :-)

YES - Go change the game !!