Monday, January 10, 2005

10 years with the Internet

Being in Microsoft 10 years ago - I remember how 1995 (end of 1995) was the year when Gates decided to go for the net - and shifted the whole Microsoft strategy towards an online strategy, and the great browser war, and generally the world wide web euphoria, started. It is quite funny to recall my first contact with the net. Actually I was the first in Microsoft Denmark to get an internet connection. Crazy - but true. Well okay we where only 20-25 persons in Microsoft DK at that time. Also somewhat almost unbeliveable today - but true.

I remember how I really didn´t know what to do with that internet connection - and all the techies - where jumping around to use my connection. However I was the marketing guy - getting the job to publish Microsoft Denmark on the net. Establishing Microsoft DKs homepage. I remember how you just got totally frustrated and confused by clicking around and searching on the net was a vast of impossible, unusable, ridicolous links to all kind of useless and of course sometimes - as if by luck - useful information. It was really chaotic. And then today - see how everyone uses it. How I feel old ..... internet times old - .....talking about these things. Which today seems so obvious as using the tap in the kitchen to get a glass of water. Today I wouldn´t live without it. In 1995/96/97 it was all about getting a company homepage - and every ad for any company focused on announcements - and nobody really knew what to do with it - when they first had it. Really funny. Quite bizar - just less than 10 years ago. Just look at it today! Amazing times. Amazing technology.

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