Friday, July 06, 2007

New Media? Social Media?

There is a tendency these days to go crazy about blogging, youtube, myspace - so called Social Media.... But really - these are ONLY new methods to do what has always been a truth: To communicate well with your "stakeholders". This is exactly how you think when you are working with PR. You can decide to stay in silence and let people talk - or you can take and be part of the discussions. In the later - you do have some kind of influence instead of none. And as always when you talk - you might get valuable feedback. BUT you can´t control the discussion.

The new is though that the discussions is taking place much faster, it´s global and it´s certainly eased by the new types of technologies......... But take a deep breath. It´s just new methods/means to reach your predefined objectives and challenges. Having said this - I believe everyone should explore and figure out what they can do for you - these "new media"....


CharlieO said...

I couldn't agree more, this whole 'social media' 'web 2.0' hype has evolved due to the rapid pace of innovation that a truly read/write global communications network supports.

Corporate/brand comms. and marketing that works best focuses on word-of-mouth and conversational elements - those still most pervasive in human, social interaction.

For me the key change is that now these are all digitised they can be mapped, monitored and analysed. The best will be those that find innovative ways to visualise complex sets of data and interpret this newly trackable and tracable world in an insightful way.

I liked your work for EA by the way! I've been doing some research for them in the UK around social network mapping, network-communications consultancy and strategy etc.

Have you any tips for a young man with online marketing experience (paid search and social media research and consultancy) in the UK, Europe and US looking to move to Copenhagen and progress his career?

Thanks in advance, and keep blogging!

René Crone said...

Hi Charlie. Agree too - about the possibility to monitor and map the "conversations" and that it is exciting how to bring intelligence to the use of those possibilities.
Well if you are in the Copenhagen area at present or soon - give me a shout. And let´s discuss potential tips for progressing your career !! I will be happy to do that.