Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Crone & Co are recruiting more people

Hey there. Please check by - we are recruiting now for more passionate people.


zlamushka said...

Hi René,

You didnt confess being a blogger yourself, but I have ears and eyes everywhere :)
Seriously, I wanted to thank you for the pleasant meeting on Friday. I got very good vibes from the friendly spirit at Crone and Co, just like the ones you must have received from all the people you dealt with in your careeer. I truly hope that something pops up pretty soon, so we get to work together on it.

Meantime, enjoy Thailand, som tum thai, Singha and all the wonderful dive sites....

All the best,

René Crone said...

Thank you Zuzana for coming by our office - I had a very fine impression of you too. Looking forward to work with you sometimes in the future. And thx. YES Thailand was amazing, really!!