Saturday, March 18, 2006

CO2 encapsulation to avoid increasing the ozone hole

I just had the pleasure to work with an EU project ENCAP/CASTOR. To realise that the power industry is actually working pretty hard to find solutions for the increased amount of C02 coming from the worlds increased power consumption (which is only increasing - now also as China´s industry is exploding). The global warming - the green house effect - is the problem. Actually the project is dealing with how to capture the CO2 when using for instance coal as the fuel for generating electricity. Then they also do research to figure out how to incapsulate the CO2 in the ground. For instance in depleted old oil reserves deep below. They simply expect to pump the CO2 in to the ground - and reserve it there. I am happy to understand that something is being done to try dealing with the increased CO2 problem. Something that you normally never hear anything about except that we have this problem.

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