Monday, February 13, 2006

Serre Chevalier - amusing skiing

Just got back last week from a great ski-trip. Just Nicolai (my son) and I. Living in an old joint hotel. Those from back from 1800 something - with carpet on the ceiling and walls.... Sporadic hot water for the shower and so forth. Amusing somehow.

Serre Chevalier is a skiing eldorado. We had 5 days with complete blue sky and 2 with great powder. It´s a very amusing skiing area - you ski amongst the woods and so forth. Anyone who have never skiid - take them to Serre Chevalier and they will be sold ...... - I will suggest not staying in the city called Briancon - but stay in one of the other ones - they are more amusing and the slopes goes more near the city. But I can only recomment going to Serre. And the people are very friendly and it´s really laid back - not any smart skiing/trendy attitude.....really relaxed and cosy.

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