Monday, October 10, 2005

Barcelona gets you!

CPH is definetely a great city. Though just coming home from a site inspection in Barcelona. I am so thrilled with this city too. You can sense the creativity and lightness of living - all over the place. Great architecture, great new shops, bars, restaurants, music places etc. etc. Don´t know where to start/end. Just: If you haven´t been there - go there. There is really exciting inspiration for everyone.

Interesting "how far" a city like Barcelona really is in terms of modernism - and how some of the old kept elements like the tapa bars, the markets etc. seems to be so more than right than ever. An exciting city indeed.

I wonder when we will see indoor food markets like this one on the Rambla in Copenhagen? (Grøntorvet is nothing compared!) The time seems so right for it these days. High quality food, specialities, anything you can think of..... Maybe just a matter of time?

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